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Automates video subtitles, translation, and dubbing in multiple languages.


Overview of Checksub: AI-Powered Subtitle and Dubbing Service

Checksub is an AI-driven platform designed to enhance video content through automated subtitles, translation, and dubbing services. It catifies to content creators, businesses, and media professionals looking to expand their reach and accessibility across global audiences. The service supports over 200 languages, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to localize video content efficiently.

Key Features


  • Automatic Subtitling: Checksub can automatically add and animate subtitles to videos, saving time and reducing the need for manual transcription.
  • Script Conversion: Converts provided scripts into synchronized subtitles directly.
  • Customization: Users can customize the style and animation of subtitles, including options like karaoke animations and various templated styles.
  • Burn-in Option: Subtitles can be permanently embedded into the video, or exported as separate subtitle files.


  • Multi-language Support: Capable of translating video content into over 200 languages.
  • Designed for Subtitles: The translation process is tailored specifically for subtitling, ensuring accuracy and appropriateness in context.
  • Advanced Editing: Translations can be edited and perfected using Checksubโ€™s advanced online editor.

AI Dubbing

  • Voice Cloning: Offers the ability to clone the original voice in 30 different languages and replace the voice-over in videos.
  • Voice Isolation: Separates music and background noise from voices to enhance the dubbing quality.
  • Background Preservation: Maintains the original audio background while replacing only the voice, ensuring the videoโ€™s atmospheric integrity.

Additional Tools and Resources

  • Documentation and Tutorials: Provides comprehensive guides and video tutorials to help users navigate the platform and utilize its features effectively.
  • Blog: Offers updates, industry news, and informational content to keep users informed about the latest trends and updates in video content creation.

Use Cases

  • Training and Educational Content: Translates and subtitles educational videos, making them accessible to a diverse, multilingual audience.
  • Social Media: Enhances social media engagement by adding styled and translated subtitles, making content more accessible and appealing globally.
  • YouTube Content: Boosts audience reach and SEO for YouTube videos by translating and subtitling content in multiple languages.

Customer Feedback

Checksub has received positive feedback from over 500 companies, with users praising the platform for its intuitive interface, quality of automated subtitles, and efficient customer support. The platform has powered more than 153,434 videos, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in professional video content enhancement.

Getting Started

  • Free Trial: New users can start with a free trial to explore the features of Checksub.
  • Demo: Prospective users can book a demo to see the platform in action and understand how it can meet their specific needs.

Checksub is built to help businesses and content creators amplify their video contentโ€™s impact by making it accessible and engaging for a global audience. With its robust AI-driven tools, Checksub streamlines the process of video localization through subtitles and dubbing, fostering wider communication and understanding.

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