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Web-based motion capture and body tracking for 3D animation.


Overview of DeepMotion: AI-Powered Motion Capture and Body Tracking

DeepMotion is a web-based application that leverages artificial intelligence to provide motion capture and real-time body tracking solutions. It is designed to generate 3D animations from videos within seconds, offering a user-friendly interface that is accessible through any web browser. DeepMotion introduces two main features: Animate 3D and SayMotion™, each catering to different aspects of digital animation and motion capture.

Key Features

  • Animate 3D: This feature allows users to create 3D animations from any video. It utilizes AI to capture motion without the need for physical markers, simplifying the process of animating characters for various projects.

  • SayMotion™: Currently in beta, SayMotion™ harnesses Generative AI to convert text into dynamic animations. This feature aims to streamline the animation process, making it more accessible for users to bring their textual content to life in a visual format.

  • AI Motion Capture: DeepMotion's core technology enables markerless motion capture, allowing for the easy creation of animations without the need for expensive equipment or setups.

  • Real-Time Body Tracking: The application provides real-time tracking of body movements, facilitating the creation of animations that closely mimic the original video source.

Pricing and Accessibility

DeepMotion offers various pricing options for its Animate 3D feature, catering to different user needs and project scales. Interested users can sign up for the SayMotion™ beta to explore its capabilities. The platform is designed to be accessible through any web browser, ensuring users can create and manage their animations from anywhere.

User Feedback

DeepMotion has received positive feedback from a diverse range of users, including educators, digital solutions experts, founders, artists, and researchers. Customers have praised the application for its accessibility, especially for indie creators, its impact on animation pipelines, and its ability to create realistic animations from video references. Partnerships with educational institutions and industry professionals highlight DeepMotion's utility in both academic and professional settings.

Recent News and Updates

  • DeepMotion has recently partnered with the MIT Film Makers Association for an AI Filmmaking Hackathon, showcasing its commitment to supporting innovative uses of AI in creative industries.

Getting Started

Users interested in transforming their animation pipeline with DeepMotion's AI-powered solutions can start by signing up for the Animate 3D or SayMotion™ beta. The platform also offers resources such as documentation, companion tools, and a community support system through Discord and GitHub.

DeepMotion is a step forward in making motion capture and 3D animation more accessible to a wider audience, from individual creators to professional studios, by leveraging the power of AI.


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