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Automates cryptocurrency trading using optimized strategies and indicators.


Overview of DipSway: Automated Crypto Trading AI Bot

DipSway is an automated cryptocurrency trading AI bot designed to simplify the trading process for users by executing trades on their behalf. It operates 24/7 on a user-friendly interface, aiming to make crypto trading accessible and efficient for traders of all levels. The platform supports a variety of strategies and indicators to optimize trading outcomes.

Review Summary

4.8 out of 5
Average of 14 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers are highly satisfied with the DipSway bot, praising its ease of use, effective performance, and excellent customer support. Many highlight the bot's ability to generate profits and appreciate the intuitive platform and continuous improvements. The affordability and accessibility for beginners are also commended. The responsive and helpful support team is frequently mentioned, enhancing user experience and trust.
Ease of use
Customer support
Continuous improvement

Key Features

  • Automated Trading: DipSway automates the buying and selling process using AI-driven strategies, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies without manual intervention.
  • Supported Exchanges: The platform connects with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling users to trade a wide range of tokens across different platforms.
  • Strategy Optimization: Incorporates over 16 trading strategies, optimized through a Walk Forward Optimization approach, to adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Indicators and Metrics: Offers access to more than 121 indicators, providing comprehensive data analysis for informed trading decisions.
  • Performance Tracking: Users can monitor the bot's performance in real-time, with access to live backtests and a performance dashboard.
  • Safety and Security: Prioritizes user security by ensuring that DipSway cannot access or withdraw user funds. It establishes a safe API connection with exchange accounts through IP-restricted servers.

Getting Started

  1. Create API Key: Users must generate an API key with read and place-trade permissions in their exchange account.
  2. Upload API Key: The next step involves uploading the API key to DipSway to connect the user's exchange account.
  3. Turn On Bot: Finally, users can activate the bot and start monitoring its performance on the platform.

User Experience

DipSway has received positive feedback from its user base, with testimonials highlighting its ease of use, effective trading strategies, and responsive customer support. Traders have reported satisfactory returns on their investments, appreciating the bot's ability to execute trades automatically and efficiently.


DipSway offers an automated solution for cryptocurrency trading, leveraging AI to optimize trading strategies and execute trades across multiple exchanges. With a focus on user security and a comprehensive set of trading tools, it aims to provide a streamlined trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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  • This video reviews the DipSway app, a new player in the cryptocurrency trading bot market that automates trading using AI technology.
  • DipSway is highlighted for its competitive pricing and a variety of plans suitable for different wallet sizes, each starting with a free 7-day trial.
  • The AI SpotBot, central to DipSway, adapts to market conditions and aims to outperform the average trader, addressing the imbalance where most individual traders struggle while institutions thrive.
  • The platform is cloud-hosted, operates 24/7, and prioritizes safety with secure API connections, while not allowing deposits or withdrawals, ensuring all assets remain in the user's control on their chosen exchange.
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