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Optimizes talent management through deep-learning technology.


Overview of Eightfold Talent Intelligence: AI-Driven Talent Management Platform

Eightfold Talent Intelligence is an AI platform designed to optimize the entire talent lifecycle, from acquisition and management to development and retention. Utilizing advanced deep-learning algorithms, the platform leverages global talent datasets to provide comprehensive insights and tools for HR professionals and organizations aiming to enhance their workforce capabilities.

Key Features

Talent Acquisition

  • AI-Driven Candidate Matching: Utilizes deep-learning AI to match candidates with job roles, surpassing traditional resume reviews by focusing on skills and potential.
  • Agile Talent Management Integration: Facilitates collaboration between recruitment and talent management teams to break down informational silos.
  • Dynamic Talent Pooling: Allows for the creation and utilization of a rich talent database for sourcing and engagement.

Talent Management

  • Career Path Development: Uses data-driven insights to help employees find meaningful and rewarding career opportunities within the organization.
  • Learning and Development: Offers targeted learning and development opportunities to help employees advance their skills and prepare for future roles.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling: Connects employees with appropriate upskilling and reskilling opportunities at the right time to ensure continuous professional growth.

Talent Flex

  • Contingent Workforce Management: Streamlines the process of finding and managing contingent workers, ensuring a flexible and skilled temporary workforce.
  • Direct Engagement: Facilitates direct re-engagement of known contingent workers who are familiar with the organization, enhancing efficiency.

Workforce Exchange

  • Public and Private Sector Collaboration: Connects job seekers, career supporters, and employers through sponsored workforce exchanges, enhancing job matching and training recommendations.
  • Economic Growth Support: Contributes to economic growth and diversity by efficiently matching job seekers with suitable opportunities and training.

Customer Insights

  • Vodafone: Enhanced digital experience and technology perception among candidates and employees.
  • Dexcom: Transformed the talent relationship management process, making it easier to source and engage with a large talent database.
  • Dolby: Shifted from traditional staffing models to a more flexible, AI-driven approach for building and leveraging talent pools.

Events and Learning Opportunities

  • Cultivate: A premier global HR industry event that brings together business leaders and HR professionals to discuss and learn about the latest in talent management practices.
  • Webinars and Podcasts: Regular webinars and episodes of "The New Talent Code" podcast provide ongoing learning and insights into talent management trends and technologies.

Eightfold Talent Intelligence offers a robust suite of tools and insights that empower HR departments and organizations to not only manage but also maximize their talent potential effectively. Through its comprehensive, skills-driven approach, the platform ensures that companies are equipped to meet their current and future talent needs.

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