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Detects AI-generated text with high accuracy and privacy.


Overview of GPTKit: AI-Generated Text Detection Tool

GPTKit is a tool designed to distinguish between text generated by humans and that produced by AI, specifically ChatGPT. It aims to provide users with a reliable method to identify AI-generated content, leveraging a multi-model approach for enhanced accuracy. This service is particularly useful for individuals and organizations seeking to verify the authenticity of written material.

Key Features

  • Multi-Model Detection Approach: GPTKit employs six different AI-based content detection techniques to analyze submitted text, offering a comprehensive evaluation of whether the content is human or AI-generated.
  • High Accuracy: The tool boasts an accuracy rate of up to 93%, achieved through extensive testing on a dataset comprising over 100,000 responses from both humans and ChatGPT.
  • Free Usage Tier: Users can analyze the first 2048 characters of any text for free as guest users. Registration is available for those needing to analyze longer texts.
  • Credit System: Registered users receive credits that allow for the analysis of larger amounts of text. These credits can be shared with others by creating a team, facilitating collaborative use.
  • User-Friendly Interface: GPTKit offers a straightforward and accessible platform, with functionalities such as text submission and file upload designed for ease of use.

Who Can Benefit from GPTKit?

GPTKit is suitable for a wide range of users, including but not limited to:

  • Teachers and educators checking for AI-generated content in students' work
  • Content writers and marketers ensuring the originality of their material
  • Professionals and employees verifying the authenticity of documents
  • Students, freelancers, and anyone interested in testing content for AI generation

Supported Languages

  • Currently, GPTKit supports the English language, with plans to expand its linguistic capabilities in the future.

Data Privacy

  • GPTKit values user privacy and data security. Input text is temporarily stored for processing and immediately removed from servers once the detection process is complete.

Accuracy and Development

  • The detection algorithms of GPTKit have been trained on a dataset of 1 million entries, contributing to its high accuracy rate. Continuous efforts are made to improve the tool's performance and accuracy.

GPTKit is a practical solution for distinguishing between human and AI-generated text, offering users a reliable and accessible platform for content verification. Its multi-model approach and commitment to accuracy and privacy make it a valuable resource for various users across different fields.


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