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Automates professional presentation creation with customizable templates and styles.


Overview of Instant: AI-Powered Presentation Tool for Google Slides

Instant is an AI-powered presentation tool designed to simplify the process of creating visually engaging and fully editable slides directly within Google Slides. This service aims to assist users in generating professional-grade presentations effortlessly, leveraging artificial intelligence to automate the design process. Instant is currently in its Beta phase and offers a range of features tailored to enhance the presentation creation experience for its users.

Key Features

  • AI Integration with Google Slides: Instant operates seamlessly within Google Slides, allowing users to utilize familiar tools while benefiting from AI's advanced capabilities to create presentations.
  • Professional-Grade Templates: Users have access to hundreds of expert-designed slide templates, enabling the creation of powerful infographics and visuals without the need for extensive design skills.
  • Customizable Styles: Instant provides options to customize colors and fonts quickly, ensuring each slide aligns with the user's branding.
  • Automated Slide Creation: The tool automates the presentation creation process, from generating an initial outline based on the user's input to drafting content for each slide and suggesting layouts.

How It Works

  1. Customize Styles: Users can select their preferred colors and fonts to ensure consistency with their branding.
  2. Generate Presentation: By choosing the presentation length and type and describing the topic, Instant begins the creation process.
  3. Edit Outline: An AI-generated outline is provided, which users can modify to suit their specific needs.
  4. Auto-generate Slides: Content for each slide is drafted by AI, with various layout suggestions offered for selection.


Instant offers several pricing tiers to accommodate different user needs, including:

  • Lite: $0.75 per slide, up to 60 slides per month for $44.
  • Pro: $0.66 per slide, up to 150 slides per month for $99.
  • Premium: Unlimited slides for $199 per month.
  • Free: A limited trial version is available, allowing users to try the service without any financial commitment.

Comparison with Other Tools

Instant distinguishes itself from other AI presentation tools by focusing on creating visually engaging slides that avoid the common pitfalls of generic, text-heavy designs. Unlike some competitors, Instant supports the creation of flowcharts and infographics and integrates directly with Google Slides, providing a robust library of professional-grade templates.

Use Cases

Instant is suitable for a wide range of presentation needs, including but not limited to:

  • AI pitch deck generation
  • Enhancing Google Slides with AI capabilities
  • Creating presentations with advanced infographics and flowcharts

Getting Started

To use Instant, users need to install the extension from Google Workspace, after which the app becomes available under the "Extensions" menu in Google Slides. A detailed guide and documentation are provided to assist new users in navigating the platform.

In summary, Instant offers a comprehensive solution for users looking to enhance their presentation creation process with AI. Its integration with Google Slides, combined with a wide array of templates and customization options, positions Instant as a valuable tool for professionals seeking to create impactful presentations efficiently.

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