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Enhances music production with studio-quality, ethical vocal and instrumental tools.

Kits AI

Overview of Kits AI: Studio-Quality AI Music Tools

Kits AI offers a suite of advanced AI-driven tools designed to enhance and streamline music production workflows. By integrating artificial intelligence into the creative process, Kits AI provides music producers, vocalists, and audio engineers with innovative solutions to replicate voices, generate singing, master tracks, and much more, all while ensuring ethical use and fair compensation for artists.

Key Features

AI Voice Cloning

  • Create a custom digital clone of any voice to use in music production, reducing time spent recording vocals.

AI Singing Generators

  • Access a diverse library of over 35 AI-generated artist voices, allowing users to select the perfect match for their music projects. All voices are compliant and royalty-free.

Vocal Remover

  • Isolate vocals from any audio source cleanly, with additional tools to remove echo and reverb, preparing tracks for further production.

AI Mastering

  • Automatically master music, stems, or samples with a single click using Kits AI's mastering software.

Voice Blending

  • Combine two different AI voices to create a unique, new AI singer for innovative sound production.

AI Instrument Library

  • Quickly sketch musical ideas with a wide range of studio-quality session instrumentals available at your fingertips.

Stem Splitter

  • Isolate individual components like vocals, drums, bass, and instruments from any audio file, simplifying the mixing process.

API Access

  • Integrate Kits AI's audio models into other applications, supporting features like voice conversion, cloning, and text-to-speech (TTS).


  • Generate realistic audio from text using any voice from the Kits library, streamlining voiceover and vocal usage in projects.

Monetization: Kits Earn

Kits AI introduces "Kits Earn," a platform feature that allows vocal artists to monetize their unique voices. By creating a verified model of their vocals, artists can earn royalties every time their voice is used and downloaded from the platform. This system supports fair artist compensation and provides full transparency on how voices are used and earnings are distributed.

Ethical Commitment

Kits AI is committed to the responsible and ethical use of AI in vocal technology. The company ensures that all voices used in their models are ethically licensed and sourced directly from the artists, with no unauthorized data scraping. This approach not only protects artist rights but also promotes fair compensation and creative empowerment.

User Experience

Producers and users of Kits AI have praised the platform for its ease of use and the quality of its AI-generated vocals. The tools have been noted for their ability to save time and open up new creative possibilities without the need to physically enter a recording studio.


Kits AI provides a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to the needs of modern music producers looking to harness the power of AI for more efficient and creative music production. With a strong emphasis on ethical practices and artist compensation, Kits AI is a valuable resource for anyone in the music industry looking to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in audio creation.

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