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Creates personalized, educational storybooks featuring children's images.


Overview of MyStoryBooks: Personalized AI Storybooks for Children

MyStoryBooks is an online service that leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized storybooks for children. This platform allows parents and guardians to customize books with images of their child, integrating them into various story settings. Each book aims to be not only entertaining but also educational, focusing on themes like the alphabet and career exploration.

Key Features

  • Personalization: Users can personalize every page of the book by submitting up to 5 images of their child. The AI then generates unique characters and integrates them into the story, making the child the star of their own adventure.

  • Educational Content: The books are designed to be educational. For example, the ABC Book introduces children to 26 different professions, one for each letter of the alphabet, helping them learn the alphabet and explore various careers.

  • Multiple Formats: MyStoryBooks offers its products in three different formats:

    • Hardcover: Durable and high-quality, ideal for keepsakes.
    • Softcover: Light and affordable, suitable for travel.
    • eBook: A digital PDF version accessible on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How It Works

  1. Image Submission: Parents upload 5 images of their child.
  2. AI Integration: A machine learning model uses these images to create personalized illustrations that feature the child in various story settings.
  3. Book Customization: Users can then customize the book further by selecting specific images and narratives.
  4. Order and Delivery: After customization, the book can be ordered in one of the available formats and delivered to the customer.


  • Image Generation Fee: There is a nominal fee of $2.99 to generate over a hundred unique AI-generated images.
  • Product Prices:
    • Hardcover: $39.99
    • Softcover: $29.99
    • eBook: $9.99


  • First Purchase Discount: New customers can receive 20% off their first ABC Book with the promo code ABC20.
  • Subscription Discount: By subscribing to the MyStoryBooks newsletter, customers save 10% on purchases and stay informed about new books, exclusive offers, and special events.

Customer Feedback

MyStoryBooks has received positive feedback from its users, with many appreciating the personalized and educational nature of the books. Verified customer testimonials highlight the joy and engagement children experience when seeing themselves in their own storybooks.

Privacy and Trust

  • Data Privacy: MyStoryBooks guarantees the privacy of the data provided by its users.
  • No Hidden Fees: The pricing is transparent, with all potential costs clearly outlined before purchase.

In summary, MyStoryBooks provides a unique and personalized reading experience for children, combining the fun of seeing oneself in a story with the educational benefits of learning through tailored content.

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