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Legal document assistant for drafting and reviewing in Word.


Overview of Spellbook: GPT-4 Powered Legal Document Assistant

Spellbook is a cutting-edge application designed to assist legal professionals with the review and drafting of contracts and legal documents directly within Microsoft Word. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, Spellbook offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of lawyers, paralegals, and legal tech professionals. This application is trained on an extensive array of legal texts, including case databases, form libraries, and statutes, ensuring that its suggestions are well-informed and relevant.

Key Features

Spellbook is equipped with a variety of features specifically developed for the legal field:

  • Holistic Document Analysis: Spellbook can analyze entire contracts and documents comprehensively, overcoming the limitations posed by token limits.
  • Missing Clause Review: This feature helps identify any clauses that might be missing from a document, ensuring thoroughness and compliance.
  • Directed Draft: Directed Draft aids in the creation of specific sections of a document, guided by the user's input and the context of the existing content.
  • Find Conflicting Terms: Spellbook can scan a document for terms that conflict with each other, helping to prevent inconsistencies and potential legal issues.

Training and Performance

Spellbook's performance is backed by its training on billions of lines of legal text, enabling it to suggest relevant language for contracts instantly. In addition to legal texts, Spellbook has been trained on a wide range of general knowledge sources, including Wikipedia, books, and the internet. This broad knowledge base allows Spellbook to reference facts about the world, enhancing its utility and accuracy in drafting and reviewing documents.

Integration and Accessibility

Spellbook is the only tool of its kind powered by GPT-4 that is specifically tuned for contracting and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word. This integration ensures that legal professionals can use Spellbook within their existing workflows, making it a convenient and accessible tool for automating legal work.

User Feedback

The application has garnered positive feedback from over 2,000 lawyers who have utilized Spellbook to automate aspects of their legal work. Testimonials highlight the tool's ability to quickly find the appropriate clause for specific circumstances and express eagerness to explore its capabilities further.


Legal professionals interested in leveraging Spellbook's capabilities can join the early access waitlist. The application offers a demo for those looking to explore its features in more detail.

In summary, Spellbook is a significant advancement in the field of legal technology, providing legal professionals with a powerful tool for reviewing and drafting legal documents with efficiency and accuracy.


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  • This video showcases Spellbook, an AI-powered legal document assistant that integrates with Microsoft Word to help draft and review contracts.
  • It uses GPT-3 technology to suggest contract language and provide insights, drawing from a vast training library that includes contracts, books, and internet sources.
  • The demonstration highlights Spellbook's ability to generate new contract sections, offer term summaries, explain contracts in simple terms, and suggest negotiation points.
  • The tool is versatile, supporting various types of legal documents, and is currently available for early access sign-up.

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