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Generates music covers using diverse, customizable artificial voices.


Overview of Jammable: AI-Powered Voice Cover Creation Platform

Jammable, formerly known as Voicify, is an AI application designed to enable users to create covers of songs, dialogues, or any audio content using a wide range of AI-generated voices. This platform stands out for its extensive library of community-uploaded AI voice models, allowing for creative and diverse audio projects. Here's a detailed look at what Jammable offers:

Key Features

  • AI Covers Creation: Users can generate high-quality AI covers in seconds, choosing from a variety of voices across different categories.
  • Extensive Voice Library: The platform hosts hundreds of AI voice models, including music, cartoon, anime, gaming, and voices in multiple languages such as German, Korean, French, and Italian.
  • Custom Voices: Jammable provides tools for users to create their own custom AI voices by uploading voice recordings and training the model.
  • Community Engagement: Users can share their custom voices with the community or choose to keep them private. The platform also features trending voices based on usage and likes.

Popular Categories and Voices

Jammable categorizes its voice models to help users easily find the type of voice they need for their project. Some of the top categories and voices include:

  • Music: Voices of popular singers and musicians.
  • Cartoon: Iconic characters like SpongeBob, Peter Griffin, and Homer Simpson.
  • Anime: Famous characters from anime series, including Goku, Vegeta, and Dio Brando.
  • Gaming: Voices from video games, such as Arthur Morgan from "Red Dead Redemption" and Minecraft Villager.
  • Language-Specific Voices: Including Korean voices like Park Jimin (BTS) and German voices like Drachenlord.

Trending Voices

The platform highlights trending voices, showcasing the most popular and widely used AI models. This feature allows users to discover new and interesting voices for their projects.

Free Presets

Jammable offers free presets like "Slowed and Reverb" and "Sped Up" to add unique effects to the AI-generated voice covers, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Creating Custom Voices

For users looking to create a truly unique voice, Jammable provides a straightforward process:

  1. Upload voice recordings.
  2. Begin voice training.
  3. Share with the community or keep private.


Jammable is a versatile platform for creating AI covers with a wide range of voices. Its user-friendly interface, combined with an extensive library of AI voice models, makes it a valuable tool for anyone looking to explore the creative possibilities of AI-generated audio. Whether for music covers, animated character dialogues, or any other project, Jammable offers the resources and community support to bring creative visions to life.

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