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Digital dating coach offering messaging and profile optimization assistance.


Overview of Winggg: Your AI-Assisted Dating Coach

Winggg is an AI-powered application designed to assist users in navigating the complex world of online dating. By offering a range of services from crafting opening messages to providing conversation starters and helping with profile optimization, Winggg aims to make the dating process smoother and more enjoyable. This app is a digital wingman, providing users with the tools they need to engage in meaningful conversations and form connections online.

Key Features

Winggg offers a variety of features to support users in online and in-person dating scenarios:

  • Message Reply Assistance: Helps users craft responses to messages they receive on dating apps, with options to adjust the tone to friendly, charming, funny, playful, flirty, or witty.
  • App Opener Creation: Provides users with engaging and unique opening lines to catch the attention of potential matches.
  • Question Suggestions: Offers prompts for deeper questions to move past small talk and foster meaningful conversations.
  • IRL (In Real Life) Openers and Date Asks: Supplies users with natural-sounding phrases to use when meeting someone in person or asking them out on a date.
  • Profile Enhancement Tips: Gives advice on how to spruce up dating profiles to increase engagement and attract more matches.
  • Polite Break-off Messages: Suggests respectful and considerate ways to end conversations or relationships without ghosting.

User Testimonials

Winggg has received positive feedback from its users, who appreciate the app's ability to save time and reduce the stress associated with online dating. Users have noted that the app's suggestions are far from cringey and genuinely help in overcoming writer's block, making conversations more enjoyable and leading to more meaningful interactions.


Winggg is designed to work with a variety of dating platforms, ensuring that users can leverage its features regardless of which app they prefer for online dating.

Development and Design

The team behind Winggg has invested over 1000 hours in fine-tuning the AI texting assistant. Their goal was to create an assistant that produces genuine, highly engaging, and human-like messages, thereby enhancing the user's ability to connect with others.

Plans and Pricing

While Winggg offers a free trial to new users, unlocking its full range of features, including IRL openers, date asks, and profile enhancement tips, requires a subscription to one of its paid plans.


Winggg is a comprehensive tool for individuals navigating the online dating world. By providing assistance in crafting messages, asking better questions, and enhancing dating profiles, Winggg aims to reduce the guesswork and anxiety often associated with online dating, making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


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