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AI Music Generator

AI Music Generator

Generates custom audio from textual descriptions.

AI Music Generator

Overview of AI Music Generator (AMG): Transform Words into Music

AI Music Generator (AMG) is a cutting-edge application that allows users to create audio clips and music by simply describing what they want using words. This service leverages the power of Meta's AudioCraft, enabling a seamless and intuitive experience for generating custom audio content. Whether you're looking to craft a unique sound for a project or experiment with audio creation, AMG offers a flexible and accessible platform for audio generation.

Key Features

  • Audio Generation: AMG enables the creation of audio clips up to 30 seconds long. Users can generate music or sounds by describing their desired audio, making the platform highly accessible to those without musical training.
  • Powered by AudioCraft: The service utilizes Meta's AudioCraft, ensuring high-quality audio output and a smooth user experience.
  • Cost-Effective: With a pricing model of $0.008 per second, AMG offers an affordable way to generate custom audio. Additionally, new users are granted 60 trial seconds to explore the service before any charges apply.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with simplicity in mind, AMG requires users to sign up or sign in to start generating audio. For new users, an account will be automatically created, streamlining the process.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up/In: Users must sign up or sign in to access the audio generation feature. New accounts are automatically created for first-time users.
  2. Describe Your Audio: Input a description of the audio clip you wish to generate. The platform's AI interprets your description to create the audio.
  3. Set Duration: Choose the length of your audio clip, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  4. Generate and Download: Once generated, the audio clip can be downloaded for use in your projects or personal collection.


  • Trial Period: New users receive 60 seconds of trial generation time, allowing them to test the service before any charges are incurred.
  • Cost: After the trial period, the service costs $0.008 per second of generated audio.

About the Creator

AI Music Generator (AMG) is developed by @chernikovalexey, showcasing a commitment to advancing audio generation technology. The platform is described as a "Stable Diffusion for audio," highlighting its ability to transform textual descriptions into high-quality audio outputs.


  • What is Meta's AudioCraft?: AudioCraft is a technology developed by Meta, designed to power audio generation and manipulation applications.
  • How accurate is the audio generation?: The accuracy of the generated audio depends on the specificity and clarity of the user's description. AMG's AI is designed to interpret a wide range of descriptions to produce relevant audio outputs.
  • Can I use the generated audio commercially?: Users should review AMG's terms of service and licensing agreements to understand the usage rights of generated audio clips.

AI Music Generator (AMG) offers a novel approach to audio creation, making it easier for creators, developers, and enthusiasts to bring their auditory visions to life. With its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and the power of Meta's AudioCraft, AMG is a valuable tool for anyone looking to explore the possibilities of AI-generated music and sounds.

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