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Interactive summaries and discussions with virtual books and authors.


Overview of AskBooks: AI-Powered Book Summary Service

AskBooks is an online platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide users with summaries and insights from a wide range of books. The service allows users to interact with virtual representations of books and authors, offering a unique and engaging way to explore literary content.


  • Interactive Q&A with Books and Authors: Users can pose questions directly to their favorite books or authors, receiving AI-generated responses that mimic real-life interactions.

  • Extensive Library: The platform boasts a collection of over 2,000 books and authors, covering various genres and themes such as entrepreneurship, parenting, finance, travel, health, and more.

  • Search and Navigation: Users can easily search for books or authors and navigate through different categories using the tabbed menu system.

  • Public Responses: Answers provided by the AI can be made public by users, allowing for shared insights and discussions.

  • Book Submission: Users can suggest new books to be added to the platform, ensuring the library remains up-to-date and reflective of popular demand.

Membership Plans

AskBooks offers membership plans that provide access to a set of features, including a certain number of questions users can ask monthly. New members can use a promotional code to receive free credits for their initial experience.


It is important to note that the responses generated by AskBooks are AI-driven and may contain inaccuracies. The platform advises that these responses should be considered as parodies and not taken at face value.

User Experience

  • Feeling Lucky: A feature for users who wish to have a random book or author suggested to them.

  • Interactive Examples: The website provides examples of interactions where users can view questions asked by others and the answers provided by the AI.


AskBooks offers a novel approach to reading and engaging with literature, allowing users to "talk" to books and authors in a simulated environment. This service is designed for book lovers seeking a quick and interactive way to gain insights into a wide array of literary works.

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