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Transforms textual data into customizable visual charts.


Overview of ChartGPT: A Text-to-Chart Visualization Tool

ChartGPT is a versatile tool designed to transform textual data into visually appealing charts, making data analysis and presentation both efficient and engaging. This service simplifies the process of data visualization by allowing users to input descriptive text, which it then converts into a variety of chart formats. ChartGPT is ideal for professionals, students, and anyone looking to present data in a more digestible and attractive format.

Key Features

  • Sign-In Convenience: Users can easily access ChartGPT by signing in with their Google account, ensuring a seamless and secure entry point.
  • Diverse Chart Types: The tool offers a wide range of chart types to suit different visualization needs, including:
    • Bar Chart
    • Area Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Composed Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Scatter Chart
    • Radar Chart
    • Radial Bar Chart
    • Treemap
    • Funnel Chart
  • Customization Options: Users can personalize their charts by selecting from various color schemes (Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Yellow) and deciding whether to display titles and legends, allowing for a tailored visualization experience.
  • Interactive Experience: The process involves two main steps – inputting the text to visualize and then making any desired tweaks to the chart, ensuring that users have control over the final output.
  • Community Engagement: Users are encouraged to contribute to the tool's development and popularity by starring it on GitHub, fostering a community of users and developers.

Use Cases

ChartGPT suggests several use cases to get users started, including but not limited to:

  • Visualizing the top 3 market leaders in the sneaker industry by millions in market share.
  • Mapping the distribution of renewable energy sources in the United States by percentage.
  • Comparing average annual rainfall in major cities around the world in centimeters.

These examples demonstrate the tool's versatility in handling a variety of data types and visualization needs, from market analysis to environmental studies and beyond.


ChartGPT is a user-friendly tool that bridges the gap between raw data and visual storytelling. By offering a wide selection of chart types and customization options, it caters to a broad audience with diverse data visualization needs. Whether for academic, professional, or personal projects, ChartGPT provides an accessible platform for transforming text into charts that communicate data clearly and effectively.

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