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Enhances career documents with automated writing and editing assistance.


Overview of DeepReview: AI-Powered Writing Assistance for Career Development

DeepReview is an AI-powered application designed to assist individuals in enhancing their career development documents, including resumes, cover letters, performance reviews, and more. This tool aims to streamline the process of creating compelling and professional documents necessary for job hunting and career advancement. With a focus on efficiency, DeepReview offers a suite of features that cater to various career-related writing needs.

Key Features

DeepReview provides a comprehensive range of features to support users in creating high-quality career documents:

  • Resume Enhancer: Users can upload their existing resume in PDF or DOCX format, and DeepReview will analyze it to suggest improvements. This feature is ideal for those looking to refine their resumes with professional insights.

  • Create from Scratch: For individuals without a resume, DeepReview offers the option to create one from the ground up, providing guidance and templates to ease the process.

  • Cover Letters: The application helps users craft personalized cover letters that highlight why they are the best fit for a specific job, ensuring the right tone and content.

  • Referral Letters: DeepReview assists in writing referral letters for colleagues or friends, making it easier to support others in their job search or career progression.

  • Performance Reviews: The tool can automatically generate meaningful performance reviews for oneself, a colleague, or a manager, facilitating constructive feedback and career development discussions.

  • Give Praise: A new feature that guides users in saying thank you to colleagues who have helped them, fostering a positive work environment.

  • Compensation & Promotions: DeepReview offers support in navigating the challenging conversations around compensation and promotions, providing language and structure to approach these discussions confidently.

  • Resignation Letter: For those facing the difficult task of resigning, DeepReview helps craft respectful and professional resignation letters.

  • And Much More: DeepReview hints at future updates and additional features aimed at making career-related conversations and documentation easier.

Subscription and Updates

DeepReview invites users to subscribe for updates on the development of new features and enhancements. The subscription promises relevant product updates without spamming subscribers.


DeepReview is a valuable tool for job seekers and professionals looking to advance their careers through well-crafted documents. By leveraging AI technology, DeepReview simplifies the process of writing and improving resumes, cover letters, and other career-related documents, making professional development more accessible to everyone.


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