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Assists users in legal, financial, and bureaucratic issues.


Overview of DoNotPay: Your AI-Powered Legal Assistant

DoNotPay is an artificial intelligence-driven platform designed to assist users in navigating through a variety of legal and bureaucratic challenges. By leveraging AI technology, DoNotPay aims to empower individuals against big corporations, ensuring privacy protection, uncovering hidden funds, and simplifying the process of fighting bureaucracy. This service is not a law firm and does not offer licensed legal practice but provides a comprehensive platform for legal information and self-help tools.

Key Features and Services

DoNotPay offers a wide range of features and services aimed at addressing common issues faced by consumers in their daily interactions with businesses and government entities. These include:

  • Fighting Corporations: Assisting users in dealing with corporate practices such as unfair fees and debt collection.
  • Beating Bureaucracy: Simplifying interactions with government agencies for things like filing complaints or requesting documents.
  • Finding Hidden Money: Helping users discover unclaimed funds or secure refunds and rebates they are entitled to.
  • Canceling Subscriptions Automatically: Providing tools to manage and cancel unwanted subscriptions efficiently.
  • Legal Self-Help Tools: Offering a variety of resources for self-representation in small claims court and other legal matters.

Specific Services Offered

DoNotPay's platform has a broad spectrum of services, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer Rights: Chargebacks and refunds, fighting bank fees, and spam email management.
  • Legal and Government: Filing police reports, appealing parking tickets, and notarizing documents.
  • Financial Assistance: Negotiating salary, finding discounts, and managing bills.
  • Personal and Privacy: Creating burner phones and cards, deleting accounts, and protecting identity.
  • Travel and Accommodations: Airline flight compensation hacks, negotiating hotel bills, and securing upgrades.

How It Works

Users can sign up for DoNotPay through its website, agreeing to the platform's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Once registered, they can access the wide array of tools and services offered by DoNotPay to tackle their specific issues. The platform uses artificial intelligence to guide users through the necessary steps, providing legal information and self-help strategies tailored to their needs.

Terms and Conditions

It's important for users to understand that by signing up or logging in, they agree to DoNotPay's terms, including an arbitration agreement. Users are encouraged to read these terms carefully. Additionally, while DoNotPay offers a platform for legal information, it is not a substitute for professional legal advice as it is not a licensed law firm.


DoNotPay is an AI consumer champion, offering a wide range of services designed to empower individuals in their dealings with corporations and government entities. Through its AI-driven platform, DoNotPay provides users with the tools and information needed to protect their rights, manage their finances, and navigate legal challenges with greater ease.


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This video explores DoNotPay's innovative approach to legal representation using AI technology. The CEO discusses their ambitious plan to have AI argue cases in court, starting with traffic court, by using technology like special glasses and AI transcription services. The video highlights the potential of AI in making legal assistance more accessible and affordable, addressing the challenges and ethical considerations of implementing AI in legal proceedings.

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