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Enhances workflow efficiency and data interaction for knowledge workers.

Overview of SmartChat™: Streamline Deliverables and Enhance Data Interaction SmartChat™ is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge workers across various industries. By integrating OpenAI's GPT-4o Omni and Anthropic's Claude 3 LLMs, offers robust tools to interact with, organize, and analyze company data. This platform is tailored to help professionals streamline their workflows, gain deeper insights from their content, and create a comprehensive knowledge base that can be easily shared and queried within teams.

Key Features

Multi-Model Chat Capability

  • Engage with your content using enterprise-grade chat functionalities powered by multiple large language models including GPT-4 and Claude.
  • Allows for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of data.

Data Organization with Tags

  • Organize and categorize data sets of any size with simple yet effective tagging systems.
  • Facilitates easier access and retrieval of relevant information.

Automation of Deliverables

  • Automate repetitive steps in your workflows to produce needed outputs more efficiently.
  • Customizable workflows to suit various business needs.

Data Transparency

  • Inline citations and proprietary Story Tiles™ ensure transparency and traceability of data sources.
  • Promotes trust and reliability in the data used and generated by the platform.

Chrome Extension

  • Summarize articles and videos quickly to gain insights without extensive reading or viewing.
  • Available for free, enhancing productivity directly from your browser.

Use Cases

Enhanced Customer Understanding

  • Align team efforts around customer needs and preferences, ensuring that no critical information is missed.

SEO Optimization

  • Quickly generate content such as blogs, social media posts, and metadata in your company’s voice, tailored to boost search engine visibility.

Customized Proposals

  • Match your company’s capabilities with client needs to create tailored proposals that effectively deliver results.

User Testimonials

  • Grant Simmons, VP of Client Analytics at Kochava Foundry: Describes Storytell as making him feel like a "superhero," highlighting its transformative impact on productivity.
  • Johnson Hor, Founder of Shoebox Ventures: Praises the platform's utility in legal contexts, specifically its ability to simplify complex legal documents like Amicus Briefs.
  • Pierre Tapia, Director of B2B Product Marketing at Adobe: Commends Storytell for efficiently summarizing professional articles and extracting key insights.

Educational Resources

  • Upcoming Webinar: "The Art of Prompting: Tips and Tricks from Leading Experts" scheduled for June 27, 2024. This event is designed to teach effective prompt engineering techniques to enhance results from AI tools. SmartChat™ is trusted by professionals to not only manage and interact with data but also to transform the way teams collaborate and make decisions based on that data. Whether it's through speeding up data analysis or creating impactful customer-centric proposals, equips users with the tools to be significantly more effective in their roles.


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