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Automates analysis and synthesis of academic research papers.


Overview of Elicit: A Research Paper Analysis Tool

Elicit is a digital tool designed to assist researchers in analyzing academic papers with enhanced efficiency. It automates several time-consuming tasks associated with research, such as summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing findings. This service aims to streamline the research process, allowing users to focus on deeper analytical work.

Key Features

Elicit offers a range of features to facilitate research:

  • Discovery: Users can search for research papers by asking research questions, receiving a list of relevant papers from a database of 200 million documents. It provides one-sentence abstract summaries, allows for the selection of relevant papers, and searches for more like them. Details from papers can be extracted into an organized table for easier analysis.
  • Synthesis: The tool can find themes and concepts across multiple papers, answering questions such as the effects of a drug or the datasets used in a particular field of study.
  • Upload PDFs: Users can upload their own PDFs for analysis, receiving quick summaries and the ability to view sources for every answer.
  • Ask Questions to Papers: A feature that allows users to ask specific questions to papers for detailed insights (noted as coming soon).
  • Data Extraction: Elicit can save time and costs by automating the data extraction process, previously done manually.


Elicit has garnered positive feedback from a diverse range of researchers, including PhD holders and professors across fields such as quantum physics, biotechnology, cognitive psychology, and work psychology. Users have praised its ability to surface relevant research quickly and its role in staying informed on medical issues, among other benefits.


Elicit offers different pricing tiers to accommodate various user needs:

  • Basic: Free with one-time 5,000 credits, offering essential features like paper search and data extraction.
  • Plus: At $10 per month (billed annually), this plan includes 12,000 credits per month, high accuracy mode, and priority customer support, among other features.
  • Enterprise and Institutions: Custom pricing for teams, companies, and educational institutions, offering unlimited credits and top priority customer support.

Usage and Accuracy

  • Over 800,000 researchers have utilized Elicit for tasks such as speeding up literature reviews and automating systematic reviews.
  • The tool is best suited for empirical domains involving experiments and concrete results, particularly in biomedicine and machine learning.
  • Elicit searches across 200 million academic papers from the Semantic Scholar corpus, covering all academic disciplines.
  • The accuracy of information in Elicit is estimated at around 90%, with continuous efforts to improve this through model training and iteration.


Elicit is a valuable resource for researchers looking to enhance their efficiency in analyzing academic papers. By automating several key research tasks, it allows users to dedicate more time to critical thinking and deeper analysis. With a user-friendly interface and a robust database, Elicit is poised to support researchers in various fields in navigating the vast landscape of academic literature.


Related Video

  • This video provides a detailed walkthrough of using, an AI-powered research tool, specifically for conducting a literature review in the context of exploring the ethical implications of using virtual reality in history education.
  • The presenter demonstrates how to input a research question, navigate the search results, and refine the query based on AI-generated suggestions and abstract summaries.
  • The video highlights the advantages of Elicit over traditional search tools like Google Scholar, such as the ability to search through a vast database of papers and utilize AI to summarize abstracts and suggest related topics.
  • However, it also cautions viewers to verify the AI's summaries and consider the completeness of the database, emphasizing the importance of academic integrity and thorough review in research.

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