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Automates analysis of customer feedback for actionable business insights.


Overview of Insight7: AI-powered Customer Insights Platform

Insight7 is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to help product teams and B2B companies harness the power of customer and employee interviews at scale. By automating the analysis of qualitative data, Insight7 enables organizations to extract actionable insights, prioritize features, and tailor marketing strategies based on real customer feedback. This platform supports a wide range of formats including docx, csv, pdf, mp3, and mp4, making it versatile for various data sources.

Key Features


  • Call Recorder: Allows teams to record, transcribe, and analyze customer interviews, providing a rich source of qualitative data.
  • Project Analysis: Offers the capability to extract themes from multiple customer interviews with a single click, streamlining the analysis process.
  • Prioritize Features: Helps teams ship impactful capabilities to best-fit customers by identifying high-value product features.


  • Segment Customers: Enables the identification of unique needs across customer accounts, segments, and personas.
  • Generate Data-driven Content: Turns customer conversations into on-brand product messaging, case studies, and testimonials.
  • Key Product Metrics: Identifies churn, win/loss, and upsell opportunities tied to product features and usage.


  • Continuously Monitor your Funnel: Provides ongoing insights into the sales funnel, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities.
  • Identify Friction Points: Helps spot areas in the customer journey that may be causing dissatisfaction or churn.
  • Spot Opportunities at Scale: Leverages AI to identify growth opportunities across the customer base.

How It Works

  1. Aggregate: Users can upload existing customer data, such as interviews and surveys, or connect channels like Gong, Salesforce, & Hubspot.
  2. Analyze: The platform segments critical customer insights relating to the product across feedback sources.
  3. Activate: Insights are applied to prioritize features, engage customers, and generate relevant marketing messaging and assets.

Security and Compliance

Insight7 places a high priority on security and customer privacy throughout the engineering process. It features 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption, security logging, uptime monitoring, and adheres to coding practices based on the OWASP Top Ten. The platform conducts regular penetration tests and impact assessments to ensure robust security. Additionally, Insight7 is SOC 2 Type II compliant and GDPR compliant, ensuring data protection and privacy standards are met.

Customer Testimonials

Insight7 is trusted by over 2000 organizations, with users noting significant time savings in analysis and valuable insights into product development and customer needs. Testimonials highlight the platform's ability to surface critical insights from sales calls, conversations, and emails, contributing to product roadmap development and addressing customer problems effectively.

Use Cases

  • For Product & Startups: Accelerates product discovery by automating the analysis of customer insights to surface high-impact features.
  • For Marketing: Powers content, messaging, ad copies, and more with critical customer insights across segments.
  • For Revenue Operations: Consolidates customer insights across channels to unlock win/loss, churn, and upsell opportunities.

Insight7 offers a unique solution for teams looking to leverage customer and employee feedback at scale, driving product innovation and market fit through AI-powered analysis.


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