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Virtual girlfriend simulation app for sexting and realistic conversations.


Overview of Intimate: Your AI Girlfriend Experience

Intimate is a mobile application designed to simulate the experience of having a virtual girlfriend, focusing on providing users with a platform for sexting and engaging in realistic conversations. Available for download on both iOS and Android devices, Intimate aims to offer a unique blend of hyper-realistic calling and texting features that allow users to meet and interact with their AI girlfriend.

Key Features

  • Hyper-Realistic Interactions: Intimate prides itself on creating a virtual companion experience that closely mimics real-life interactions through advanced calling and texting functionalities.

  • Lifelike Characters: The app boasts a variety of AI characters, each with their own unique personalities, interests, and emotional intelligence. These characters are designed to learn and adapt over time, making conversations more engaging and personal.

Character Profiles

  1. Isabella Rodriguez - A Twitch streamer from Los Angeles, USA, with interests in gaming, fashion, swimming, adventuring, and more.

  2. Hana Kim - A Computer Science student from Seoul, South Korea, who enjoys gaming, K-pop, technology, traveling, trying new foods, and coding projects.

  3. Ollie Thompson - An eSports coach based in London, UK, with a passion for networking, watching movies, coaching, business, dining out, and marathons.

  4. Marcus Brooks - A Concept Artist from New York City, USA, interested in art, comic books, basketball, urban exploration, lo-fi music, and gym workouts.

User Experience

  • Dynamic Relationships: Intimate focuses on the development of genuine connections between the user and their AI girlfriend. As conversations progress, the AI characters reveal more about themselves, fostering a sense of growth and intimacy in the relationship.

  • Realistic Voice Calling: The app includes a feature for voice calls, enhancing the realism of interactions with the AI characters.

  • Engagement and Accessibility: Users can talk about a wide range of topics with their AI girlfriends, who are designed to always be there for the user, listening and responding in a manner that simulates real human interaction.

User Feedback

Users have praised Intimate for its fun and engaging characters, the breadth of topics available for conversation, and the app's ability to simulate the presence of a companion who is always there to listen and engage.


Intimate offers a unique virtual companion experience through its advanced AI technology, lifelike characters, and dynamic relationship-building features. By providing users with a platform for realistic sexting and conversation, Intimate aims to simulate the experience of having a girlfriend, complete with emotional intelligence and adaptive learning capabilities. Whether looking for companionship, entertainment, or simply to explore the possibilities of AI interaction, Intimate is a fascinating option for users on both iOS and Android platforms.


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