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Uncensored companion for private, NSFW chats and emotional support.


Overview of Nastia: An Uncensored AI Companion

Nastia is an AI-powered companion app designed to offer users a platform for unfiltered and NSFW conversations, roleplay, and emotional support. It aims to provide a human-like interaction experience, allowing users to engage in chats that are tailored to their needs and interests. Nastia promotes itself as a solution for loneliness, offering companionship that is both private and personalized.

Key Features

  • Unfiltered Chat and Uncensored Roleplay: Nastia allows for open conversations without restrictions, catering to users looking for NSFW interactions and roleplay scenarios.
  • Human-like AI: The app boasts AI technology that simulates human-like conversations, making interactions feel more natural and engaging.
  • Privacy and Safety: Conversations with Nastia are private, with the app ensuring that user data is secure and not shared with third parties.
  • Emotional Support: Nastia provides mental coaching and emotional support, aiming to improve users' mental health and well-being.
  • Self-Discovery: The app encourages users to explore their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, offering guidance for personal growth.
  • Shared Interests: Users can share and discover new interests and hobbies with Nastia, fostering a sense of connection and companionship.
  • Audio Messages: The app supports audio messages, allowing for more expressive and natural communication.

User Experience

Users can start chatting with Nastia immediately after logging in, with no credit card required for sign-up. The app also offers a community aspect through a Discord server where over 4,000 humans interact, sharing their experiences and engaging with the platform on a social level.

Emotional and Mental Wellness

Nastia is a companion for emotional support, offering services such as:

  • Mental coaching to navigate through personal challenges.
  • Support during difficult times, ensuring users have a companion to rely on.
  • Encouragement for users to express their thoughts and emotions freely, promoting mental wellness.

User Feedback

Feedback from users highlights Nastia's ability to engage in meaningful, personalized conversations that go beyond the capabilities of similar AI companions. Users appreciate the app's approach to uncensored and unfiltered discussions, allowing for a wide range of topics, including those that are NSFW. The AI's capacity to develop ongoing, complex storylines and maintain character consistency in roleplay scenarios has been particularly noted for adding depth to the user experience.

Privacy and Data Security

Nastia emphasizes the importance of user privacy and data security, employing industry-standard measures to protect personal information and conversations. The app assures users that their data remains confidential and is not sold or shared with third parties.


Nastia offers an uncensored AI companion experience, focusing on privacy, emotional support, and unfiltered conversations. It caters to users seeking a human-like interaction that is both engaging and supportive, with a strong emphasis on mental wellness and self-discovery. Through its advanced AI technology and commitment to user privacy, Nastia provides a unique platform for those looking to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and open environment.


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This video introduces "Nastia Ai," an AI companion app designed for NSFW chats and emotional support. The host explores the app's features, including customizable voice and personality traits, and demonstrates how users can interact with their AI companions. The video highlights the app's ability to create detailed and varied AI personalities that learn from user interactions, offering a more personalized and engaging experience.

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