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Consultancy service offering expert advice across various business domains.


Overview of Olympia: AI-Powered Business Consultancy Service

Olympia is an AI-powered consultancy service designed to assist businesses in various domains including business strategy, content development, marketing, programming, legal strategy, and more. It is a more efficient alternative to traditional consultancy services, leveraging the latest advancements in AI technology to provide expert advice and solutions at an affordable cost.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Consultants: Olympia offers a team of AI consultants specialized in different fields such as business strategy, online marketing, content generation, legal advice, software development, and sales. These consultants are designed to provide expert advice without the need for prompt engineering by the user.

  • Memory Capabilities: The service boasts full memory of conversations, allowing consultants to remember everything discussed across all interactions. This feature aims to eliminate the need for users to repeat information or context in subsequent conversations.

  • Realtime Research: Olympia consultants have the ability to perform real-time research, including full Google search capabilities, automatic browsing and analysis of results, and fetching of links provided by users. This is further enhanced by real-time information querying capabilities.

  • Outbound Email: The service enables its AI consultants to generate and send emails on behalf of users to third parties, aiming to increase productivity by automating communication tasks.

  • Expert Team: Olympia introduces users to its team of AI consultants, each with expertise in specific areas such as business strategy, contract negotiation, copywriting, sales, and marketing strategy.

  • Powered by Leading LLMs: Utilizing powerful large language models (LLMs) including GPT4, Claude 3, Perplexity Online, and Mixtral 8x7B, Olympia ensures high-quality performance and advice.

  • No Rate Limits: Unlike some competitors, Olympia does not impose rate limits on its plans, offering users unrestricted access to expert assistants anytime.

  • Long-Term Memory: The consultants feature both short and long-term memory capabilities, reducing the need for users to provide repeated context.

  • No Disclaimers Requirement: Olympia’s consultants do not require disclaimers to be issued for seeking professional advice on certain topics after every message, aiming for a smoother user experience.

  • Security: The service emphasizes security, using encrypted communication channels and ensuring that private data is not used for AI training purposes by the company or any third parties.

Pricing and Plans

Olympia offers various plans starting at $20 per month, with annual discounts available. The service caters to a wide range of users from bootstrapped startups looking for a cost-effective alternative to hiring human team members, to solopreneurs seeking to enhance their work/life balance with an AI team.

Additional Features

  • Public Chats: Users have the option to make their conversations public, sharing them with team members or the wider internet, akin to blogging.

  • Demo and Founder Interaction: Potential users can schedule a demo with the co-founders to learn more about the service and its offerings.

Olympia aims to provide businesses with an accessible, efficient, and secure way to leverage AI for consultancy across a broad spectrum of needs, from strategic planning to content creation and beyond.


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