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Creative platform for designing, sharing, and refining diverse artistic projects.


Overview of Roughly: Unleashing Creative Potential Through Visual Expression

Roughly is a platform designed to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, offering users a unique space to dream, draw, and create. It caters to a wide range of creative endeavors, from architecture and interior design to fashion and game development. This comprehensive overview provides insight into what Roughly offers, how it works, and the various domains it supports.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Roughly boasts an intuitive interface that encourages users to explore their creative boundaries without feeling overwhelmed by complex tools.
  • Diverse Creative Domains: Whether you're interested in designing landscapes, crafting characters for your next game, or conceptualizing fashion lines, Roughly supports a broad spectrum of creative fields.
  • Community Engagement: By joining Roughly's Discord community, users can connect with like-minded individuals, share their creations, and gather feedback to refine their projects.

How It Works

Roughly's process is streamlined into three core steps, designed to facilitate a seamless transition from ideation to creation:

  1. Dream Like an Artist: Users are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild, conceptualizing ideas without constraints.
  2. Draw Like a Kid: Emphasizing the joy of creation, Roughly invites users to sketch their ideas with the freedom and uninhibited creativity often seen in children's drawings.
  3. Create Like a Pro: With Roughly's tools and resources, users can polish their sketches and ideas into professional-level creations, ready for the real world.

Supported Creative Domains

Roughly caters to a wide array of creative fields, including but not limited to:

  • Architecture: Design buildings and structures with precision and creativity.
  • Portraits: Bring to life detailed portraits with a personal touch.
  • Interiors: Conceptualize and visualize interior designs for various spaces.
  • Games: Design characters, environments, and assets for video games.
  • Characters: Create unique characters for any purpose, from animation to storytelling.
  • Landscapes: Sketch and develop breathtaking natural and urban landscapes.
  • Fashion: Design clothing and accessories with a fresh perspective.
  • Movies: Conceptualize scenes, settings, and elements for film projects.
  • Sculptures: Plan and visualize three-dimensional art pieces.
  • Sneakers: Design innovative and stylish footwear.

Access and Community

  • Request Access: Interested users can request access to Roughly, indicating a curated approach to membership and ensuring a quality experience for all users.
  • Discord Community: Roughly's Discord server is a vibrant community where users can engage, share, and collaborate with fellow creatives.

Roughly is a platform that not only supports a wide range of creative projects but also fosters a community of creators who can inspire and motivate each other. Its emphasis on intuitive design, combined with the freedom to create across various domains, makes it a valuable tool for anyone looking to bring their creative visions to life.

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