Multilingual translation for calls, meetings, and messaging.


Overview of YOUS: AI-Based Translator for Communication

YOUS is a communication platform that integrates an AI-based translator to facilitate audio and video calls, as well as chat functionalities. It is designed to help users who speak different languages communicate seamlessly. YOUS is available as a mobile application on iOS and Android, and also as a web application that can be accessed through any browser.


YOUS offers a variety of features aimed at enhancing communication across language barriers:

  • Audio/Video Meetings: Users can create online meetings where YOUS acts as a personal voice and text translator.
  • Phone Calls: The platform allows calls to mobile and landline numbers with real-time translation.
  • Chats and Messages: Users can send and receive messages in their native language, which YOUS translates instantly.
  • Transcription: Speech during calls and meetings is recognized and displayed in text format.
  • Security: All communications are encrypted, and data is securely stored and transferred.

How YOUS Works

YOUS simplifies cross-language communication through a three-step process for different modes of communication:


  1. Sign up for free: Register and receive free trial minutes.
  2. Create a meeting: Choose your language and the language of your interlocutor.
  3. Share the link: Start communicating in your native language.

Phone Calls

  1. Sign up for free: Access initial free minutes upon registration.
  2. Subscribe to Plus: For ongoing phone calls, a paid subscription is required.
  3. Call and talk: Select the language of the interlocutor and initiate the call.


  1. Sign up for free: Register to use the messenger with trial minutes.
  2. Find a user: Use the Messages tab to search for users by username.
  3. Send and receive messages: Chat in your native language.


YOUS offers two main pricing plans:

  • Basic: Free, includes 5 minutes per month for meetings and chats with AI translation.
  • Plus: $14.99/month or $119.88/year (saving $60 annually), includes 60 minutes per month for enhanced features including phone calls.

Additional minutes are billed at $0.25 each, and phone calls are charged according to the tariff.


  • Installation: YOUS can be installed on smartphones or used via a web browser.
  • Cost: The basic use of the messenger is free with limited minutes; additional features and minutes are available through the Plus plan.
  • Security: The platform ensures encryption and secure data handling, with detailed privacy information available on the Privacy page.
  • Guidelines: For optimal translation quality, it is recommended to use YOUS in quiet environments with a stable internet connection.
  • Group Meetings: Currently, YOUS supports 1-to-1 meetings only, with plans to expand to group meetings in future updates.
  • Referral Program: Users can share a referral link to promote YOUS and receive bonuses.

YOUS is committed to uniting people across language barriers, making it easier for everyone to communicate regardless of their language proficiency.

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