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Search engine for summarizing scientific research papers.


Overview of Consensus: AI-Powered Search Engine for Scientific Research

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine designed to streamline the process of finding and summarizing scientific research papers. It aims to assist researchers, students, doctors, professionals, and evidence-conscious consumers in conducting effective research by providing quick access to over 200 million scientific papers. Unlike traditional search engines that rely on keyword matching, Consensus uses advanced AI algorithms to understand the context of user queries and deliver relevant results.

Key Features

  • Extensive Coverage: Consensus offers access to a vast database of over 200 million scientific papers, enabling users to conduct comprehensive research without the limitations of keyword matching.

  • Trustworthy Results: The platform ensures the credibility of its results by tying them back to actual studies. It cites its sources clearly and commits to an ad-free experience, prioritizing the integrity and relevance of the information provided.

  • Instant Analysis: Leveraging GPT-4 and other Large Language Models (LLMs), Consensus provides proprietary features that summarize research findings instantly, making it easier for users to digest complex information quickly.

Target Audience

Consensus serves a wide range of users who require access to scientific research, including:

  • Students: For finding supporting evidence for papers.
  • Researchers: To efficiently conduct literature reviews.
  • Clinicians: For quickly answering patient questions.
  • Analysts: To instantly find expert quotes for presentations.
  • Content Creators: For sourcing peer-reviewed insights for blogs.
  • Health and Fitness Enthusiasts: To check the viability of supplements and routines.

Consensus vs. ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is designed for conversational interactions, Consensus is specifically tailored for research purposes. It focuses on pulling results directly from peer-reviewed studies, offering a more targeted approach for users seeking scientific evidence and insights.


Consensus is committed to democratizing expert knowledge. It aims to make scientific research more accessible to a broader audience, facilitating informed decision-making and knowledge acquisition.

Getting Started

Users interested in leveraging Consensus for their research needs can create an account to start searching immediately. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those with minimal research experience can navigate and utilize its features effectively.


Consensus is a specialized search engine that harnesses the power of AI to simplify the process of finding and summarizing scientific research. It addresses the needs of a diverse user base, from academic researchers to everyday consumers, by providing quick access to a vast repository of scientific papers and delivering results in an easily digestible format.

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