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Develops humanoid robots for diverse industrial and retail applications.


Overview of Figure: General Purpose Humanoid Robotics Company

Figure is an AI robotics company focused on developing a general-purpose humanoid robot. Positioned as the first company of its kind, Figure aims to integrate humanoid robots into various sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail. The company's flagship product, Figure 01, is designed to operate autonomously and assist in environments traditionally navigated by humans.

About Figure

Figure is pioneering the field of humanoid robotics with the introduction of Figure 01, which combines human-like dexterity with advanced AI technologies. The company's mission is to enhance human capabilities in the workforce, address labor shortages, and improve safety by reducing the number of people working in hazardous conditions.

Key Features of Figure 01

  • Height: 0'6"
  • Payload: 0kg
  • Weight: 0kg
  • Runtime: 0hr
  • Speed: 0.0M/S
  • System: LGBJRHKV

Design Philosophy

The humanoid robot is designed with a human form factor, which includes functional hands, arms, and legs. This design allows Figure 01 to perform tasks that require a range of motions and interactions, such as opening doors, using tools, climbing stairs, and lifting objects.

Strategic Impact

Figure envisions its humanoid robots as a solution to several global challenges:

  • Enhancing the quality of life by automating routine and physically demanding tasks.
  • Repairing and optimizing supply chain operations.
  • Supporting economic growth in emerging markets.

Media Coverage

Figure has gained significant attention in the media, with coverage in major outlets:

  • CNBC: Reported on Figure's market valuation and notable investors including Jeff Bezos and companies like OpenAI and Nvidia.
  • Popular Science: Discussed OpenAI's collaboration with Figure to enhance humanoid intelligence.
  • Reuters: Highlighted BMW's partnership with Figure to compete with Tesla's robotics initiatives.
  • Fast Company: Covered the increasing competition in the AI-powered humanoid market.

The Team

The development of Figure 01 is led by a team with over 100 years of combined experience in AI and humanoid robotics. This group of experts is committed to bringing complex robotic solutions to market.

Vision and Future Plans

Figure continues to develop and refine its humanoid robotics technology, with plans to expand its applications and integration into more industries. The company maintains an active engagement with its audience through regular updates, news, and events.

For those interested in the evolving field of humanoid robotics and AI, Figure is a significant player with a focused approach to practical and scalable robot applications.

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