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Microsoft Azure AI Speech vs. ElevenLabs

The best way to compare Microsoft Azure AI Speech vs. ElevenLabs: audio samples, features, plans, pricing, and more.

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Text to speech API - Microsoft Azure AI Speech

Microsoft Azure AI Speech

Enables your applications, tools, or devices to convert text into human-like synthesized speech.
Text to speech API - ElevenLabs


Cutting-edge AI voice synthesis, transforming text into realistic speech with emotion and intonation.

Voice Quality

Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a numerical measure that represents the perceived quality of audio samples, commonly used in evaluating text-to-speech systems. The score ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating poor quality and 5 signifying excellent quality. These scores are derived from comprehensive, professionally-conducted evaluations, and are anonymized to ensure unbiased results.
  • Based on the Mean Opinion Scores provided, ElevenLabs demonstrates superior voice quality across all categories (Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Conversation) compared to Microsoft Azure AI Speech.
  • The scores indicate that users generally find ElevenLabs' synthesized speech to be more realistic and human-like.
  • This suggests that for applications where voice quality is a critical factor, ElevenLabs might be the preferred choice.


Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
  • In comparing the features of Microsoft Azure AI Speech and ElevenLabs, it's evident that both services offer voice cloning and support for multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.
  • However, Microsoft Azure AI Speech stands out with its comprehensive feature set, including per-word timestamps, pitch control, speed control, and support for various phone formats, offering more flexibility and control to users.
  • On the other hand, ElevenLabs, while lacking in pitch and speed control, still supports phone formats, indicating a focus on delivering high-quality voice synthesis with fewer customization options.

Pricing & Plans

5 hours of audio (~225K chars)
Pay As You Go
1M characters
10,000 characters
30,000 characters
100,000 characters
Independent Publisher
500,000 characters
Growing Business
2M characters
  • In terms of pricing, Microsoft Azure AI Speech provides a more cost-effective solution, especially with its generous free tier and lower cost in the Pay As You Go plan compared to ElevenLabs' offerings.
  • ElevenLabs, despite its advanced capabilities, tends to be pricier across all its plans.
  • For users looking for value, Microsoft Azure AI Speech stands out as the more economical choice for both initial testing and ongoing usage.

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
Average of 88 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate Azure Text to Speech API for its ease of use, high-quality audio output, and seamless integration with other services. They find it particularly beneficial for accessibility and enhancing user experience across various applications. However, concerns about the cost and limited customization options are frequently mentioned. The API's multilingual support and continuous updates are praised, but some users desire improvements in voice naturalness and additional language options.
Ease of use
Audio quality
Multilingual support
Naturalness of voice
4.4 out of 5
Average of 331 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate ElevenLabs for its high-quality, realistic voice synthesis and the ease of creating and using different voices. The platform is praised for its user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support. However, some users experience issues with pronunciation, emotional expression, and the pricing model, particularly regarding the cost-effectiveness of character counts and subscription tiers. Additionally, there are occasional technical glitches and a desire for more features like voice tone adjustments and better real-time performance.
Voice quality
Ease of use
Customer support
Pronunciation accuracy
Pricing model
Emotion expression


  • When comparing Microsoft Azure AI Speech and ElevenLabs, it's clear that ElevenLabs offers superior voice quality, making it the preferred choice for applications where realistic and human-like speech synthesis is crucial.
  • However, Microsoft Azure AI Speech provides a more cost-effective and feature-rich solution, including a generous free tier, making it ideal for users seeking value and extensive customization options.
  • Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the user's priorities: voice quality or a balance of cost and customizable features.

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