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Unreal Speech is up to 10x cheaper, making it the best ElevenLabs alternative.

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Text to speech API - Unreal Speech

Unreal Speech

Cost-effective, scalable Text-to-Speech API with realistic human-like AI voices.
Text to speech API - ElevenLabs


Cutting-edge AI voice synthesis, transforming text into realistic speech with emotion and intonation.

Voice Quality

Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a numerical measure that represents the perceived quality of audio samples, commonly used in evaluating text-to-speech systems. The score ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating poor quality and 5 signifying excellent quality. These scores are derived from comprehensive, professionally-conducted evaluations, and are anonymized to ensure unbiased results.
  • Unreal Speech delivers superior voice quality across different types of content, particularly excelling in fiction with a Mean Opinion Score of 4.72.
  • ElevenLabs offers consistent quality across both fiction and conversational content, though it slightly trails in fiction with a score of 4.54.
  • Both services provide high-quality, human-like AI voices, but Unreal Speech leads slightly in overall voice quality evaluation.


Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
  • Unreal Speech offers a broader set of features aimed at customization, including per-word timestamps, pitch and speed control, and support for phone formats, but lacks multi-lingual capabilities and voice cloning.
  • ElevenLabs, on the other hand, focuses on advanced options like voice cloning and multi-lingual support, sacrificing control over pitch, speed, and lacking per-word timestamps.
  • The choice between the two depends on the user's priority: Unreal Speech for detailed audio customization and ElevenLabs for voice versatility and emotional expression.
  • Both platforms cater to different aspects of text-to-speech needs, making them suitable for varied applications.

Pricing & Plans

250,000 characters
3M characters
Extra: $16 per 1M chars
42M characters
Extra: $12 per 1M chars
150M characters
Extra: $10 per 1M chars
625M characters
Extra: $8 per 1M chars
10,000 characters
30,000 characters
100,000 characters
Independent Publisher
500,000 characters
Growing Business
2M characters
  • Unreal Speech offers a more cost-effective solution for high-volume text-to-speech conversion compared to ElevenLabs.
  • For instance, at the highest tier, Unreal Speech provides 625M characters for $4999/mo, whereas ElevenLabs offers 2M characters at its highest publicly listed tier for $330/mo.
  • When comparing the per-character cost at these tiers, Unreal Speech is significantly cheaper for users requiring large volumes of text-to-speech conversion.
  • Specifically, for very high usage, Unreal Speech's per-million-character cost is substantially lower than that of ElevenLabs, making it the more economical choice for enterprises or applications with extensive text-to-speech needs.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
Average of 10 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate Unreal Speech's Text-to-Speech API for its affordability, ease of setup, and generous free tier. They find the API to be a cost-effective solution compared to competitors, with clear documentation and responsive customer support. The API is praised for its natural-sounding voices and seamless integration into various projects. However, customers express a desire for more voice customization options, support for multiple languages and improvements in voice realism.
Ease of setup
Voice quality
Voice realism
Multilingual support
4.4 out of 5
Average of 331 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate ElevenLabs for its high-quality, realistic voice synthesis and the ease of creating and using different voices. The platform is praised for its user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support. However, some users experience issues with pronunciation, emotional expression, and the pricing model, particularly regarding the cost-effectiveness of character counts and subscription tiers. Additionally, there are occasional technical glitches and a desire for more features like voice tone adjustments and better real-time performance.
Voice quality
Ease of use
Customer support
Pronunciation accuracy
Pricing model
Emotion expression


  • Unreal Speech offers significant cost savings for high-volume users, providing a staggering 625M characters for $4999/mo, which is exceptionally competitive when compared to ElevenLabs' highest plan of 2M characters for $330/mo.
  • While ElevenLabs excels in voice cloning and multi-lingual support, Unreal Speech focuses on scalability and cost-effectiveness, particularly for users requiring a large volume of text-to-speech conversion.
  • Unreal Speech also boasts higher Mean Opinion Scores for fiction and non-fiction content, indicating superior voice quality.
  • The choice between the two services hinges on specific needs: Unreal Speech for high-volume, cost-efficient projects, and ElevenLabs for advanced features like voice cloning and multi-lingual support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to switch from ElevenLabs to Unreal Speech?
  • Very easy, it only takes a few minutes. We give you 250,000 free characters per month, so you can start using our simple text-to-speech API right away.
Which service provides per-word timestamps, and how might this feature be useful?
  • Unreal Speech provides per-word timestamps, a feature absent in ElevenLabs.
  • This functionality can be particularly useful for applications requiring precise synchronization between audio and text, such as subtitles or highlighting words as they are spoken in educational software.
How does the free tier of Unreal Speech compare to ElevenLabs in terms of character limits?
  • Unreal Speech's free tier offers 250,000 characters, significantly more than ElevenLabs, which offers only 10,000 characters.
  • This makes Unreal Speech a more attractive option for users with higher volume needs at the entry-level, providing a larger scope for testing and integration without immediate costs.
For projects requiring extensive character usage, which service offers the best high-volume plan?
  • Unreal Speech offers a Pro plan with 150M characters for $1499/mo and an Enterprise plan with 625M characters for $4999/mo, catering to very high-volume needs.
  • In contrast, ElevenLabs' highest plan, Growing Business, offers 2M characters for $330/mo.
  • For projects requiring extensive character usage, Unreal Speech provides plans with significantly higher character limits, making it better suited for large-scale applications.
Which service is more suited for applications requiring detailed audio editing, like precise timing for animations or video dubbing?
  • Unreal Speech, with its support for per-word timestamps, is more suited for applications requiring detailed audio editing, such as precise timing for animations or video dubbing.
  • This feature allows developers to synchronize the speech with visual elements accurately, enhancing the overall user experience in multimedia content.
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