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Deepgram Aura Alternative

Unreal Speech is up to 2x cheaper, and gives you 250,000 free characters every month, making it the best Deepgram Aura alternative.

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Text to speech API - Unreal Speech

Unreal Speech

Cost-effective, scalable Text-to-Speech API with realistic human-like AI voices.
Text to speech API - Deepgram Aura

Deepgram Aura

Responsive, natural-sounding text-to-speech to power voicebots and conversational AI applications.

Voice Quality

Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a numerical measure that represents the perceived quality of audio samples, commonly used in evaluating text-to-speech systems. The score ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating poor quality and 5 signifying excellent quality. These scores are derived from comprehensive, professionally-conducted evaluations, and are anonymized to ensure unbiased results.


Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
  • Unreal Speech offers a more versatile and customizable text-to-speech service with features such as per-word timestamps, pitch control, and speed control, which are not available in Deepgram Aura.
  • Additionally, Unreal Speech supports phone formats, a feature also found in Deepgram Aura, but lacks multi-lingual capabilities and voice cloning, which are absent in both services.
  • Overall, Unreal Speech provides a broader set of features for users seeking more control over their text-to-speech output.

Pricing & Plans

250,000 characters
3M characters
Extra: $16 per 1M chars
42M characters
Extra: $12 per 1M chars
150M characters
Extra: $10 per 1M chars
625M characters
Extra: $8 per 1M chars
Pay As You Go
1M characters
Pre-paid credits for entire year
Cost: $13.50 per 1M chars
  • Unreal Speech offers a range of plans that become more cost-effective at higher volumes, making it an attractive option for users with predictable, high-volume text-to-speech needs.
  • Deepgram Aura, on the other hand, provides flexibility with its Pay As You Go plan, catering to users with variable usage patterns, though it may come at a higher cost for those with consistent high-volume requirements.
  • Overall, Unreal Speech is suited for users looking for cost efficiency at scale, while Deepgram Aura is ideal for those seeking flexible usage without a monthly commitment.


  • Unreal Speech emerges as a more versatile and cost-effective text-to-speech service, offering a wide range of customizable features and scalable pricing plans that cater to high-volume users.
  • Despite lacking in multi-lingual capabilities and voice cloning, its superior voice quality and control options make it a strong choice for users prioritizing realism and customization in their text-to-speech applications.
  • Deepgram Aura, while less feature-rich and potentially more costly for consistent high-volume use, offers a flexible Pay As You Go plan that may appeal to users with variable text-to-speech needs.

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You get 250,000 free characters every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to switch from Deepgram Aura to Unreal Speech?
  • Very easy, it only takes a few minutes. We give you 250,000 free characters per month, so you can start using our simple text-to-speech API right away.
What's the best plan for a small project or startup experimenting with text-to-speech?
  • The best plan for small projects or startups would be the Free plan from Unreal Speech, as it provides 250,000 characters per month at no cost, making it ideal for experimentation and low-volume use.
For a project that requires precise synchronization between text and speech, which service is more appropriate?
  • Unreal Speech is more appropriate for projects requiring precise synchronization between text and speech, as it provides per-word timestamps, unlike Deepgram Aura.
  • This feature is invaluable for subtitle generation, interactive applications that highlight words as they are spoken, or detailed linguistic analysis.
What is the best option for high-volume text-to-speech needs in terms of cost and features?
  • For high-volume needs, Unreal Speech's Enterprise plan is the best option, offering 625M characters for $4999 per month with the lowest additional character rate, combined with advanced features like pitch and speed control.
Which service provides better support for integration into existing telecommunication systems?
  • Both services support phone formats, such as pcm_mulaw, making them potentially suitable for integration into existing telecommunication systems.
  • The choice between them would depend on other specific requirements such as voice quality or customization needs.
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