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IBM Watson Alternative

Unreal Speech is up to 2x cheaper, has more realistic voices, a simpler API, and offers 25x more free monthly characters, making it the best IBM Watson alternative.

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Text to speech API - Unreal Speech

Unreal Speech

Cost-effective, scalable Text-to-Speech API with realistic human-like AI voices.
Text to speech API - IBM Watson

IBM Watson

Convert text into natural-sounding speech in a variety of languages and voices.

Voice Quality

Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a numerical measure that represents the perceived quality of audio samples, commonly used in evaluating text-to-speech systems. The score ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating poor quality and 5 signifying excellent quality. These scores are derived from comprehensive, professionally-conducted evaluations, and are anonymized to ensure unbiased results.


Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
  • Unreal Speech focuses on detailed voice customization with features like per-word timestamps and pitch control but lacks voice cloning and multilingual support.
  • IBM Watson caters to a global audience with its voice cloning and multilingual capabilities, alongside essential features like pitch and speed control.
  • Both platforms provide foundational text-to-speech functionalities, aligning with diverse user needs and application contexts.

Pricing & Plans

250,000 characters
3M characters
Extra: $16 per 1M chars
42M characters
Extra: $12 per 1M chars
150M characters
Extra: $10 per 1M chars
625M characters
Extra: $8 per 1M chars
10,000 characters
1M characters
  • Unreal Speech's free tier is significantly more generous than IBM Watson's, offering 25 times more characters at no cost, and it also offers generally more cost-effective solutions across different usage levels compared to IBM Watson.
  • While IBM Watson has a lower starting price, Unreal Speech becomes the more economical choice for higher volumes, especially in bulk and enterprise scenarios.
  • Unreal Speech's higher tier plans significantly undercut IBM Watson's cost per million characters, making it the better option for heavy users.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
Average of 10 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate Unreal Speech's Text-to-Speech API for its affordability, ease of setup, and generous free tier. They find the API to be a cost-effective solution compared to competitors, with clear documentation and responsive customer support. The API is praised for its natural-sounding voices and seamless integration into various projects. However, customers express a desire for more voice customization options, support for multiple languages and improvements in voice realism.
Ease of setup
Voice quality
Voice realism
Multilingual support
4.1 out of 5
Average of 44 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate IBM Watson Text to Speech for its ease of integration, speed, and support for multiple languages, making it versatile for various applications like education, customer service, and accessibility for the disabled. The ability to customize voice and tone is highly valued. However, some users note issues with pronunciation accuracy, limited language options, and occasional software glitches. The pricing is also considered high for small businesses or individual users.
Ease of integration
Language support
Pronunciation accuracy
Software reliability
Language diversity


  • Unreal Speech provides a more cost-effective text-to-speech solution, especially for users with high-volume needs, offering a generous free tier and lower cost per million characters at higher usage levels compared to IBM Watson.
  • However, it lacks advanced features such as voice cloning and multilingual support, which IBM Watson provides, making the latter a better choice for global applications and users needing diverse language options.
  • Both services offer essential TTS functionalities such as pitch and speed control, catering to a range of user requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to switch from IBM Watson to Unreal Speech?
  • Very easy, it only takes a few minutes. We give you 250,000 free characters per month, so you can start using our simple text-to-speech API right away.
For a small project or startup, which text-to-speech service offers the most value?
  • For small projects or startups, Unreal Speech offers more value with its significantly more generous free tier, providing 250,000 characters per month at no cost.
  • This is substantially more than IBM Watson's free tier, which only offers 10,000 characters.
Can Unreal Speech be used for projects that require phone system integration?
  • Yes, Unreal Speech can be used for projects requiring phone system integration as it supports phone formats like pcm_mulaw.
  • This makes it suitable for telephony applications, IVR systems, and other telephone-based services.
How does the cost-effectiveness of Unreal Speech and IBM Watson change at large scales?
  • At large scales, Unreal Speech becomes increasingly cost-effective, especially for heavy users, due to its lower cost per million characters in higher tier plans.
  • While IBM Watson starts with a lower price at its basic level, Unreal Speech offers greater value for bulk and enterprise scenarios with significantly lower additional character costs as usage increases.
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