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IX Coach

Personalized coaching through customized assessments and community sharing incentives.

IX Coach

Overview of IX Coach: AI-Powered Interdisciplinary Coaching Platform

IX Coach is an AI-powered platform designed to offer personalized coaching across various disciplines. It aims to bridge the gap between individuals' current states and their aspirations through a tailored self-coaching path. This platform leverages artificial intelligence to create deeply customized personal coaching experiences, making professional coaching accessible to a wider audience.

Key Features

  • Personalized Coaching Assessment: IX Coach provides a 5-minute assessment that helps users gain insights into their current situation and outlines a customized path for self-improvement and goal achievement.

  • Custom AI Coaches: Users have the ability to build their own AI coaches tailored to their specific needs and goals. This feature allows for a highly personalized coaching experience, addressing the unique challenges and aspirations of each user.

  • Community Sharing and Earning: IX Coach encourages its users to share their custom-built AI coaches with the community. This not only contributes to the collective growth and learning of the platform's users but also offers an incentive by allowing users to earn up to $13.60 for every coach they share.

  • Accessibility: The platform is committed to making coaching accessible to all, aiming to democratize the benefits of personal and professional growth through technology.

How It Works

  1. Assessment: Users start by taking a brief assessment designed to understand their current state, goals, and areas for improvement.
  2. Customization: Based on the assessment results, IX Coach generates a personalized coaching path. Users can further customize their AI coach to better suit their needs.
  3. Engagement: Users engage with their custom AI coach, following the personalized path laid out for them. This includes various activities, exercises, and reflections tailored to their goals.
  4. Sharing and Earning: Users have the option to share their custom AI coaches with the community, contributing to a shared pool of resources and earning rewards for their contributions.


  • Personalized Growth Path: IX Coach offers a highly personalized approach to self-improvement, ensuring that users have a clear and tailored path to achieving their dreams.
  • Accessibility: By leveraging AI, IX Coach makes high-quality coaching more accessible and affordable, breaking down the barriers that often prevent individuals from seeking professional help.
  • Community Support: The platform fosters a community of users committed to personal and professional growth, providing a supportive environment for sharing resources and experiences.
  • Incentivized Sharing: The unique model of rewarding users for sharing their custom AI coaches encourages a culture of collaboration and mutual growth.

IX Coach is a platform that not only offers personalized coaching solutions but also fosters a community of learning and growth. By integrating AI into the coaching process, it provides a scalable and accessible way for individuals to work towards their personal and professional goals.


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  • This video introduces IX Coach, a personalized coaching app developed by Next Ai Labs, showcasing its features and functionalities during its soft beta launch.
  • The presenter, proud of their 20-year journey in personal development and software engineering, demonstrates how users can select coaching styles and methods tailored to their personal growth goals.
  • Key features include voice interaction, feedback mechanisms, and a choice between a light and dark theme, emphasizing the app's adaptability to user preferences.
  • The app is offered for free during this phase, with the developer actively seeking user feedback to refine and enhance the product.

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