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Resemble.AI vs. Microsoft Azure AI Speech

The best way to compare Resemble.AI vs. Microsoft Azure AI Speech: audio samples, features, plans, pricing, and more.

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Text to speech API - Resemble.AI


AI voice generator with voice cloning for text to speech.
Text to speech API - Microsoft Azure AI Speech

Microsoft Azure AI Speech

Enables your applications, tools, or devices to convert text into human-like synthesized speech.

Voice Quality

Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a numerical measure that represents the perceived quality of audio samples, commonly used in evaluating text-to-speech systems. The score ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating poor quality and 5 signifying excellent quality. These scores are derived from comprehensive, professionally-conducted evaluations, and are anonymized to ensure unbiased results.


Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
Voice Cloning
Per-word Timestamps
Pitch Control
Speed Control
Phone Formats (e.g. pcm_mulaw)
  • Both Resemble.AI and Microsoft Azure AI Speech offer a range of features for text-to-speech services, including voice cloning, multi-lingual support, and per-word timestamps, catering to diverse application needs.
  • However, Microsoft Azure AI Speech provides additional functionality with pitch and speed control, as well as support for phone formats, offering more versatility and customization options for users.
  • These added features make Microsoft Azure AI Speech a more comprehensive solution for developers and content creators looking for detailed control over the speech synthesis process.

Pricing & Plans

Pay as you go
~$480 per 1M characters
80,000 seconds (~1M chars)
Extra: $0.002 per second
5 hours of audio (~225K chars)
Pay As You Go
1M characters
  • In a pricing comparison between Resemble.AI and Microsoft Azure AI Speech, Microsoft Azure AI Speech emerges as the more cost-effective option across various usage levels.
  • For initial, low usage, Azure offers a generous free tier, and for both moderate and high usage scenarios, it maintains a lower cost at $15 per 1M characters, compared to Resemble.AI's Pro Plan at $99 for approximately the same amount.
  • This makes Microsoft Azure AI Speech a better value proposition for users looking for an efficient and scalable text-to-speech service.

Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5
Average of 12 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate Resemble.AI for its time-saving capabilities, voice cloning accuracy, and the ability to add emotions and tones to AI-generated speech. It is particularly valued for content creation and localization features. However, criticisms include its pay-as-you-go pricing model, limited language options without premium plans, and occasional technical glitches like voice pitch issues and electronic noises. Some users also find the user interface could be improved and the AI voices need to sound more natural.
Voice cloning accuracy
Content creation
User interface
Naturalness of AI voices
Pricing model
Language options
Technical performance
4.2 out of 5
Average of 88 ratings from leading review sites.
Customers appreciate Azure Text to Speech API for its ease of use, high-quality audio output, and seamless integration with other services. They find it particularly beneficial for accessibility and enhancing user experience across various applications. However, concerns about the cost and limited customization options are frequently mentioned. The API's multilingual support and continuous updates are praised, but some users desire improvements in voice naturalness and additional language options.
Ease of use
Audio quality
Multilingual support
Naturalness of voice


  • In comparing Resemble.AI and Microsoft Azure AI Speech for text-to-speech services, Microsoft Azure AI Speech stands out as the superior option in terms of cost-effectiveness, feature set, and voice quality.
  • With its competitive pricing, including a free tier and lower costs for high usage, alongside a broader range of features such as pitch and speed control, Microsoft Azure AI Speech offers greater flexibility and customization for users.
  • The service's higher mean opinion scores across various content types further establish its lead in delivering more natural and human-like synthesized speech.

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