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Automates business tasks using customizable no-code virtual assistants.


Overview of Bizway: A No-Code AI Assistant Workflow Builder

Bizway is a platform designed to assist business owners and entrepreneurs in automating and managing various tasks without the need for coding. It offers a suite of customizable GPT Assistants that can handle a wide range of business activities, from planning and management to growth and brainstorming. Bizway aims to streamline business operations by automating repetitive tasks, thereby allowing users to focus on more strategic aspects of their business.

Key Features

  • Customizable AI Assistants: Users can build and manage a team of AI Assistants tailored to their business needs.
  • Automated Task Management: Automates hundreds of small business tasks weekly, including writing marketing content, performing market research, and customer support.
  • Business Model Mapping: Allows users to map out their business model and plans from a single hub.
  • Project Roadmaps: Generates step-by-step project roadmaps and outlines with the help of AI, based on simple natural language prompts.
  • No-Code Solution: Designed to be user-friendly, requiring no coding skills or technical knowledge to create and assign tasks to AI Assistants.

How It Works

  1. Create Assistants: Users can create AI Assistants and assign them tasks relevant to their business operations.
  2. Automate Tasks: From generating content plans to conducting market analysis, Bizway automates lists of tasks to streamline business processes.
  3. Consult and Plan: The platform offers a 24/7 AI assistant for consultation, helping users turn ideas into clear plans of action.


Bizway can be utilized for a variety of business functions, including:

  • Starting a business by helping get a business idea off the ground.
  • Putting existing business processes on autopilot.
  • Scaling up output and growing a business with AI.
  • Serving as a brainstorming partner for consulting on ideas.

User Experience

  • Dashboard: A central hub for tracking AI Assistant activity, project runs, and analytics.
  • Custom GPT Assistant Templates: Over 50 templates available to help users get started with creating AI Assistants for various tasks.
  • Dynamic Project Plan Templates: Users can start from dynamic project plan templates that the AI customizes based on the business details it knows.

User Feedback

Bizway has received positive feedback for its ability to automate tasks and provide valuable business insights. Users have highlighted the platform's ease of use and the effectiveness of its AI Assistants in handling a wide range of tasks.


Bizway offers a comprehensive solution for business owners looking to automate their operations and leverage AI in their workflows. With its no-code platform, customizable AI Assistants, and a wide range of features designed to support business growth, Bizway is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Related Video

  • This video demonstrates how the Bizway app uses GPT-4 to help users quickly transform a business idea into a structured business plan.
  • The app automatically generates a master roadmap and tasks based on the initial business idea input, such as conducting market research and identifying potential partners.
  • Users can further customize tasks, add detailed sub-roadmaps, and save insights for each section of the business plan, enhancing the planning process.
  • Additionally, Bizway provides explanations for tasks, integrates insights into the business plan, and allows users to consult the system for specific queries, such as registering a business in a new location.

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